What makes a website sell?

What are the factors that makes a website sell? Someone performed a google search for businesses in your area and your website came across their search bar. They decide by chance that you are the first business they want to click on. What happens in the first few seconds and following minutes after they enter your website is crucial in converting this visitor into a customer. If you want to know how to make your website hit a high conversion rate and lead to new customers, lend us a few minutes of your time and we will share our wealth of knowledge with you.


We’re going to start at the very beginning and the first thing your potential customer will see, your home page. What do you want your homepage to do? You want it to IMMEDIATELY grab the attention of that person. Let’s face it, as the world moves forward people are getting more and more impatient. The obvious first answer is you want it to load instantly. Did you know 53 percent of mobile site visitors will leave a page that takes longer than three seconds to load? Page loading speed may be one of the most important factors for your website.

Beyond speed, the first thing the page should show the customer is an interesting and relevant graphic. Sexy is what we are trying to achieve, really seize that person’s attention. The very first text they view on your page needs to cover 3 things: who you are, what you do, and what you offer. Your website needs to persuade that person that they need look no further, they found the answer to their problem.

On your homepage needs to be a navigation bar that is clear and concise, too much and the customer gets distracted and confused, too little and your website becomes unappealing. You need to make sure they can access exactly what they are looking for with a quick click of their mouse.

Moving down the page, I will re emphasize how important the aesthetic is, keeping that viewer’s eyes glued to the screen with beautiful graphics and make it flow in a seamless way. The rest of your homepage is going to expand on those three topics we covered earlier, who you are, what you do and what you offer. Make sure that as they’re scrolling, they have a way to lead into the content they are there to purchase, whether that be a link to another page or a form to send a message or inquiry. 

Include reviews, from current or former clients, capture in these reviews why your service is exceptional and why people should choose you. At the bottom of page incorporate information about your business such as; location, contact info, and hours of service. Last but certainly not least, links to all of your social media platforms.

What Your Website Says About You – Make a website sell

More than likely, you aren’t the only person performing your service in your area, so clearly, you need to stand out. Most people don’t realize how many decisions their unconscious mind is making. You need to make sure you are selective, even in your usage of color and font. Here is an example made by Ted Hunt from Crazy Egg on how different fonts affect the way people perceive your writing.

website sell

Make sure you choose the correct font and color scheme, so you paint the proper picture of what you represent, and never exceed more than 2 font choices and 3 different color schemes. According to a study conducted by the University of Winnipeg, about 62-90% of people base their initial assessment of a website based on color alone, so do your research on what colors will say about you.

Your website layout needs to make sense. Every page should be 3 clicks from every other page on your website, this will help with navigation and search engine optimization(SEO). Similar concepts that we used for the homepage should be applied here. Make sure all subsequent pages are visually appealing and add value to your website. If the content is not relevant, you should not have it.

Ensure the images used on your page are only high quality, high resolution images. On top of image quality, your images need to be relevant, they need to expand on what your business does as a whole or the topic currently being covered. The last thing to consider with the image is its file size, too big and it is cumbersome, and will slow down your website which affects your SEO.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is all about making sure your website meets the correct criteria to be at the top of the list when a search occurs on a search engine. This criteria is ever shifting and changing, so staying on top of what is currently working will be game-changing for your website. SEO can be very intimidating because a lot of factors play into it. I’m only going to cover a few ways SEO will benefit you in this article, if you want to learn some of the over 200 ways you can improve your SEO, I’d recommend taking a look at this article, by Brian Dean.

If you want your website to generate you the most revenue possible, your SEO needs to be on point. If someone visits your website from a google search, they are more likely to be a buyer than just about anyone else, because you are exactly what they are searching for. SEO gives you more page views which in turn gives you more leads.

SEO also has the added benefit of being FREE once it is set up and working in your favor. Your website will need some monthly maintenance, but beyond that it is a free employee. “Your website is like a salesperson, your 24 hour employee that will never be late or call in sick.” – (Adrien Bird, CEO/Founder Bird Digital)

Being on the top of a search engine builds trust. By ranking high on the search list, your business will build trust and credibility. On top of that, the first link on a google search is 37% more likely to be selected than the preceding link.

Google has started prioritizing a mobile first strategy, so making sure your mobile page is optimized is just as, if not more important than your actual web page. Over 51% of internet traffic is on smartphones after all.

Lastly SEO is a long term strategy, you need to understand that building your website and having solid SEO is going to take time and investment. It can take 6-12 months to position your website on the top of a search engine. Over this time you need to be tracking and analyzing what keywords and strategies are working to get the most results. It may take many changes and adaptations to perform at the top in your field.

Your Perfect Website

We covered a few topics on how to build or improve upon your website, but ultimately the only real thing that matters is conversion. It doesn’t matter how pretty or functional your website is, if it doesn’t convert visitors into consumers. What makes a good website isn’t just the initial creation, it’s spending the time reviewing data and testing what strategies employed work and what do not. Ideally, you want to get your website right the first time, but you need to be able to review data to determine if your website is getting you the leads you deserve.

Overall building your best website is going to take an exorbitant amount of knowledge and effort. If you are taking this upon your own shoulders, it can be intimidating and you need to understand every aspect of the process or you will only hinder your business growth in the long run. 

If you choose to have a professional do it, you need to vet them to determine if they know all of the factors that come into a task like this. Understand that if they are promising you more for less, as an example a $500 website performing what a $5,000 website can do, it probably isn’t worth your money. The more you invest in your website, the more return you are guaranteed. Do not make the mistake of selling yourself short and going the cheap route, it will only come back to haunt you. 

Here’s a little insight from Adrien Bird, founder of Bird Digital, about what we do to create content that outperforms the competition. “We brainstorm every idea possible that a business could possibly market. We touch on the benefits, the products, the problems, the pains of the customers. The features of the business, the product and then the services they offer. We offer Quality content… Content with purpose.” Reach out to us in the form provided below if you want to hear more about how we are going to help you succeed.

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