BIRD DIGITAL Makes Web Design Easy

We provide professional website designer services to businesses that need a website. We interview our potential clients to make sure that our service is right for them. Every part of your sales process that can be assisted by technology should be. If you’re not showing up in the search results for the service you provide, are you really providing the best service you can? We think part of providing a great service is getting in front of the people that are searching for you. The best way to do that is to hire BIRD DIGITAL as your professional website designer. We will provide you with 5-star service. Your happiness is guaranteed.


Your business has special needs that are unique. This means your website must address those needs in a specific way. It is important to explore what your website should do in order for you to see the best return on your investment. That is why we offer a free website design consultation to our future clients. Once you get on the phone with us we will walk through every step of the process and collect information. That information will help us determine the best way to design your site. Not only do we take the look of the website into consideration but also the function. If your sales process can be aided by a website then we will identify that and make sure it is part of the web design proposal. 


After your initial consultation, the next step is choosing how your website design will look. Our designers have a keen eye for what is effective for generating new leads and sales. 

If you haven’t chosen a design you like from our website design portfolio we will send you a variety of design options to choose from. We will set you up with a form where we will ask you to pick from 10-15 designs and rate them from best to worst. Then we will have you the opportunity to address each design. You will be able to tell us what you like and what you do not like. You can tell us what features are a must have and what we should avoid when designing your site.  Our web designers will take all of this into consideration when coming up with you unique design. 


Once all of the details of your website’s design are ironed out we will get to work on putting together the initial design. During this process we take your recommendation and our professional experience to create a design that works specifically for you. You will have the opportunity to check in and make sure that we share the same vision for your website. We develop our sites on a test server and you will have access to view the website during the design process. Any questions or concerns that you may have can be directed to your account manager and your website designer will be notified. Once we agree on the general design of the site we will finish putting together the rest of the site.


During the final phases of the web design process we will take a deep dive into the website’ design. If there is anything that you see that needs to be brought to our attention you can share it with us. We will make a punch list of the final changes. Once we make these changes we will have one final walk through to make sure all of the last details have been ironed out and you are happy with your web designer’s work. Then it will be time to move on to the next phase of the web design process.


Once we have come to terms on the very final website design it will be time to test it. At this point we go through and try to find any errors or malfunctions in the site. Sometimes parts of the site will have typos or won’t line up exactly as we thought they would and we need to address these issues. We also want to make sure that all of the site’s functions work appropriately. If there are forms on the site that your customers fill out we will test all of those. If you have a membership area we will test that. Finally, if you sell any products online we want to make sure that the ecommerce website portion is functioning properly. Then we launch the site and let Google decide where it wants to rank it. 


Now that your site is live, visitors should be able to sign up for your services or contact you with inquiries. Sometimes we find that even though we tested the site and everyone involved looked it over multiple times, there are still errors. Not to worry, if you find anything that needs to be fixed we will address it before sealing the deal. Once the website is up and working properly we will ask that you allow us to close the web design phase. This means you have received everything you asked for and you’re happy with the product and our professional web design service. Now we need to talk about the future of your website.


After the web design phase we will suggest that you hire us to do the website maintenance. Every website needs maintenance. They’re a lot like cars. They’re very useful and valuable. They also require maintenance like oil changes and insurance in case you crash them or someone crashes into you. Your website is no different. The software that your website is built from will need updated regularly. Those updates will need to be tested to make sure that the site isn’t going to break or look funny. Additionally, you will need to make sure that your site is secure. Your website may never come under attack, but because we make your website easy to find it usually does. Therefore as part of our maintenance packages we offer website security as well. Under our watch your website will stay up to date and remain secure. We guarantee it. Check out our WordPress maintenance packages. We have 3 levels you can choose from. 


Your website is now a hub for generating new business. You can let it sit and never do anything with it again or you can make it better and more profitable. We like the latter idea much better. That is why we offer search engine optimization (SEO) to our website clients. We will take the website that we designed for you and beef it up. The goal is to rank your website higher on Google’s search engine. The higher the ranking the. more traffic that comes to your site. This translates to more people finding your business, calling your business, and requesting your services. SEO is a necessary service for any business owner that is serious about generating leads with their website. We will increase the size, trust and usefulness of your site. Doing this will tell Google that you should be ranked higher. Additionally, we will increase your footprint on the internet beyond your website as well. You see, the trick to good SEO is to make your brand known to Google. We do this by generating lots of content on the internet for your business. We also make sure your site has all of the right content, no errors, and nothing else that may keep you from getting the results that you want. Check out our fully managed SEO services if you don’t want your competitors to steal all of your customers.