Taking Better Videos With Your Phone

Make High Quality Videos with Your Cell Phone

Camera Angles

One of the most important ways to position a camera is the angle at which your audience will view the subject. Too often do I see people that continue to shoot from an angle that looks up at their face. It isn’t a good look and makes for low quality video.

The first thing you can do is to change your selfie angle to something that is at least parallel preferably slightly higher. This will change the look and feel of your video immensely. 

The aesthetic difference is remarkable once you recognize it. You will practically never use your camera like that again. 

The Focal Point Matters

One thing that wasn’t mentioned in the video and I will go back later to fix is the reason the angle above your head looks so much better is due to the focal point of the camera. When you place the camera at a high angle you remove most of the body out of the shot with the head remaining and the background can now come into play to make the video more interesting. 


The light that is hitting your subject has so many things it can do. You can create a glare, shadows, shine, paleness, redness, etc. The lighting when used appropriately will change the look and feel of everything you shoot.

You always pay attention to the lighting. If you struggle to find good lighting you are going to need to buy some additional lighting in order to achieve a quality look to your shoots. 

The 18" Ring Light and Tripod for Your Cell Phone or Digital Camera

If there is any one piece of equipment that I suggest it would be this. It is such a great all in one tool for lighting and camera angles. It costs just over $100 but will take your video quality through the roof. Which in turn makes your viewers happier!

Click the image below and you can purchase it directly from Amazon.

Taking Better Videos With Your Phone 1Taking Better Videos With Your Phone 2

Camera Stability

The only thing worse than a shaky camera is bad sound, but we will get to that in a minute. If you want to get some compliments on how good your videos are, you should try a stabilizer. I have used a stabilizer since I started making videos and it put me an entire league above my competitors.

There really is nothing like watching video that is smooth and cinematic. Your audience is going to love your videos even more when you decide to take the choppiness out.

The DJI Smartphone Gimbal AKA Stabilizer for Your Cell Phone

Taking Better Videos With Your Phone 3Taking Better Videos With Your Phone 4

The DJI Smartphone Stabilizer is like magic in your hand. You’re going to be in love with this thing after you use it one time. Your videos are going to look so much better. People will seriously compliment you on the quality, it’s happened to me plenty of times. 

Clicking the photo above will take you to the Amazon listing where you can find all the details on this item. I highly suggest picking one up if you’re going to be doing selfie videos or action shots like walking or even just basic panning shots.

I have been at concerts with this thing jumping up and down and it is capable of keeping a smooth recording. Truly an amazing device. 

What Kind of Phone do I Need For Shooting Video and Taking Pictures?

Team Iphone!

I highly suggest using a brand new iPhone. I used to work at Verizon and they would pay us extra to sell android phones to the customers. Why is that? I’ll let you decide, but I to this day will only buy iPhone.

Android has great products and they have bad products. iPhone only has 1 product that they put their seal of approval on.

The Iphone 7 Plus with 256GB of Storage

The good news is, Apple made a great phone when they produced the Iphone 7 Plus with 256GB of StorageTaking Better Videos With Your Phone 5 space and three cameras that are capable of shooting in HD, 4K, Slo Mo, Time Laps, Portrait, and Panoramic. I still use this phone to this day. It takes amazing footage that can be used in professional edits.

You can pick one of these up for about $500 more or less. Which, for everything it does, is a steal.

Click the link below to see your iPhone options on Amazon!

Link—>>>   Iphone 7 Plus with 256GB of StorageTaking Better Videos With Your Phone 6

What Resolution Should I Shoot my Videos, 1080HD or 4K?

What Resolution for Professional Edits?

When you’re shooting something you plan on editing and making into something professional then you should always try to use 4K.

This creates a larger image and allows for digital panning and zooming when your edit is exported at 1080HD. This is a common practice for many film makers. It allows for creative editing and the finished product is still in HD and looks amazing.

What Resolution for Everything Else?

Due to the space that 4K recording takes up, I suggest using 1080HD resolution for all of the other times you’re just capturing a little something and posting it as raw footage.  

If you know you’ll want to edit it later you may want to consider switching to 4k, just mind your storage space.

Should I Edit My Videos?

It depends!

Does your first shot look amazing and get the message across? Then no, leave it alone and post it!

Is it missing something from the look or message? Then yes you should edit your video!

What Should I Use to Edit My Videos?

Cell Phone Application Video Editing Software - InShot

My number one pick for editing video on your phone has to be InShot. They have an easy to understand interface and it allows you to start editing videos without any previous knowledge relatively easy.

Computer Application

For Mac Users: Final Cut Pro X

The way that your mac processes this software and everything that it can do is native to the producers of this software, Apple. Everything just runs smoother than other programs when you’re running Final Cut Pro X.

For PC Users: Adobe Creative Cloud

The Adobe Creative Cloud or Adobe CC lets you edit video just as nicely as the product mentioned above but it makes cross platform compatibility much easier to attain. If you and a friend have a PC and a Mac but you both use Adobe CC then you will still be able to work on the project together. Not true with Final Cut Pro X. 

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