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Social Media for Your Business - Natural Health Care Offices

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BY: Adrien Bird

Social media is the life blood of your business, right? If it’s not then this guide can help get your social media started and have a bit of direction in how to achieve real results.

What Social Media Platforms Should My Practice Be On?


Every business has to have a Facebook. It is the largest platform and a majority of your customers are already regular users. 

Establishing a great deal of content for people who find your brand will pay off in dividends over the years. 

This has been proven time and time again been the brands that have been committed enough to establish themselves on a platform. It is a lot of work, but it does pay off. 

The good news is a lot of the content you create and can be modified for other platforms.

Facebook Live

Facebook Live is most likely the most important thing for your practice to stay on the minds of everyone you have connected with on Facebook. 

If you haven’t managed to befriend someone who uses it all the time then you haven’t seen how sticky that notification is for live videos. 

I have a friend who uses it every single day to share content involved with what he’s doing and his live video notification is almost always something I see when I check Facebook. 

Get in people’s faces with new content daily and you will stay on top of their minds.


I have been saying for a while that Instagram is supposed to be sexy.

It was originally a photography based platform so whatever you’re sharing is supposed to be high quality and easy on the eyes. 

It’s about aesthetic quality of your subject and your ability to produce an image equal to or better than that.

There is an opportunity for written content it is not necessary to build a good brand but it will aid in helping to deliver your message if your pictures and videos alone are not hitting their mark. 


Twitter hasn’t changed much in the last 9 years or so. 

It’s still a platform that people chatter on 24/7 and you should honestly be taking advantage of putting in some time interacting with people that are talking about your niche’s topics. 

It’s a slow grind and it takes some work but if you keep it up it will pay off. 


Pinterest is a place where people go for ideas. This is where you should be posting your recipes and shortcuts. 

Things that people want to do or need to know how to do later on. They then save that information and others can find the pins they saved. 

If you’re lucky it’s their friends that live in the same town and now have your information via Pinterest


Youtube is replacing television. If you’re creating content on the other platforms you should be creating content on here too. 

When you have the patience and consistency to create on Youtube and your content is good, it pays dividends. 

What Kind of Content Should I Make?


Video content is the most important thing you could focus on right now. Every other form of media takes relatively less time to create. Video has the most powerful affect on an audience and it can be broken down into smaller chunks that work with multiple types of posts for each platform.

Photos and Graphics

Photos and graphics can be just as useful as a video and often times are a more appropriate way to get a message across to your audience. Photos need to be of high quality with good lighting and your subjects should look presentable. The photo is to capture attention and give a visual aid to your post. If your image is missing something, it’s going to miss the mark with your audience too.


Posting a link to your Facebook or Twitter isn’t all bad. Facebook doesn’t like it much when you lead people to other websites and they will penalize your overall reach if you post too many. The links that you do post should be to your website’s blog or to something that is essential to your audience. Don’t waste the links you can get away with sharing on something that isn’t beneficial for you or your audience.

Make Content that Tells a Story

The number one thing that sells is storytelling. People can follow a story, they can relate to a story and if the story is compelling enough they will trust your solution and buy from that story. 

Why Does Google Care If My Business is on Social Media?

Google looks at your branding and your business name and associates it with certain words that appear in context with it.

At the same time Google is keeping score of how many times your brand is being mentioned and on what sites.

If you’re business is on all of the available social media sites from a Google standpoint, you will certainly pick up some extra brownie points in the search rankings. 

This is a good time to make mention of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Having multiple links from trusted sites like these social media platforms and also the signals of the platforms being used lends a lot of trust to your business online. Those links are called backlinks and they’re pretty important to your site. 

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