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Cesar Melara

Web Developer

Why I want to help customers with digital marketing.

The times we are living in are more advanced and technologically dependent than it has ever been before, and I am very grateful to have grown up with some of the advancements that are now considered normal to most of us, such as social media, editing software, digital recording equipment, etc. Thankfully, since a young age a lot of these advancements and technologies have peaked my interest by, and the resources to find out more have typically been easily accessible through various mediums. So with my understanding and passion for Digital Media, Photography, and Videography I can’t help but find pleasure in assisting clients to stay afloat in this rapidly expanding digital world that has become such an important part of life and business. Far too often do we hear about local establishments going out of business or remaining stagnant, and more often than not the reason for this is due to a company’s lack of or inability to adapt to digital platforms or marketing methods; This process isn’t easy to embark on alone so please let us lead the way for you.

Who Am I?

My name is Cesar Melara, I was born in NY and raised in sunny south florida. I gained
most of my knowledge studying film and digital media at UCF, as well as over 6 years of experience handling and operating camera equipment. Before BIRD DIGITAL I worked with a photography company capturing photos of various types of live events, art displays, fashion modeling, and corporate events, as well as various side projects including weddings, real estate, and automobiles. I truly enjoy being called out into the field for any kind of shoot whether we are capturing still images or recording videos. I try my absolute best to make the experience enjoyable and as easy going as possible for my clients, as well as providing quick and precise editing services.