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Adrien Bird

Web Developer

Explain why you want to help customers with their digital marketing?

There is basically nothing that excites me more than finding a way to help a business grow. Online advertising has been the single most effective tool for helping business owners achieve their goals.
I love the feeling when my clients get new leads and so do they.
I grew up in business. I watched what it took for my parents to go from just barely feeding us to having tons of success.
I caught the entrepreneur bug from them.
Because of that, I understand that entrepreneurs have the vision to be their own boss and create the opportunity to provide a better life for themselves, their families, and even future generations.
I share that same vision of the future and I want to help others with their business ventures.

Tell us about who you are where you came from what you used to do and how that is going to help you help our clients

I started off working in my parent’s business. I learned a great deal from them. After college, I decided I needed to learn how to sell. I was hired to a position at a company that sold Verizon Wireless cell phones and plans. They outsold Verizon in most of their stores due to their top tier sales training programs. I learned so much there before I was recruited to work at a real estate technology startup in Denver, CO. At the tech company, I worked directly with the CEO and marketing department. I saw what was possible with online advertising and I was hooked from there on out. After the tech job I started a small handyman business. That handyman business was wildly successful and it led to my next opportunity. I was hired at a landscape design firm. They saw how quickly I built my handyman business and asked me to come and work for them and help them with their sales and marketing.

After the landscape design firm, I started as a digital marketing contractor. Eventually I started BIRD DIGITAl and I have provided online advertising services for chiropractors, dentists, electricians, and many other types of businesses ever since.