The 4 website speed factors that you should focus on Today

The 4 website speed factors that you should focus on Today 1

You’re a business trying to take it to the next level. You have a website built and it works but is it doing exactly what you want it to, to generate you the most business possible? My name is Broderick Srodes and I’m going to tell you why having an optimized website and a good […]

Local Business Citations

Local Business Citations

Local business citations are a part of our search engine optimization process. Recently, a client of mine asked “what do local business citations do and why do we need them?” Continue reading and I will explain the benefits to you, your customers, and your digital marketing strategy. What Is A Business Citation? A business citation, […]

The Entitlement Cure

The Entitlement Cure Dr. John Townsend Free Audiobook

First off, The Entitlement Cure is one of those books that absolutely changed the way I see and do things in my everyday life. This book is so powerful! Secondly, you must be able to read it with an open mind and internalize what it teaches. You may not be entitled, you may not think […]

Testimonial Tuesday Videos

Client or Patient Review Videos These videos are amazing to have for your practice. I suggest making them often.  Read More: Make Better Videos with Your Cell Phone To be able to visually show people what you’re doing and how other people feel about it is powerful. Not to mention it allows people to connect […]

Taking Better Videos With Your Phone

Make High Quality Videos with Your Cell Phone Camera Angles One of the most important ways to position a camera is the angle at which your audience will view the subject. Too often do I see people that continue to shoot from an angle that looks up at their face. It isn’t a good look […]

Crushing Social Media in Your Practice

Social Media for Your Business – Natural Health Care Offices BY: Adrien Bird Social media is the life blood of your business, right? If it’s not then this guide can help get your social media started and have a bit of direction in how to achieve real results. What Social Media Platforms Should My Practice […]