The Entitlement Cure

The Entitlement Cure Dr. John Townsend Free Audiobook

The Entitlement Cure Dr. John Townsend Free Audiobook

First off, The Entitlement Cure is one of those books that absolutely changed the way I see and do things in my everyday life. This book is so powerful!

Secondly, you must be able to read it with an open mind and internalize what it teaches. You may not be entitled, you may not think that you have an entitlement problem. I would put money on it that you do. You just don’t know it.

From my experience, what you’ll find in this book is a wealth of knowledge on the different types of entitlement. You will learn how to identify them. You will learn what to do about them. The book will teach you how to deal with entitlement in yourself and give you actionable advice on how to help others with their own issues.

Because my preferred method of consuming books is always an audiobook, I am going to give you the opportunity to listen to this book for FREE!

Audiobooks are so easy to listen to while you are doing something else. To save time, listen to this while driving or working out. Audiobooks allow you to multi-task. No need to sit for an hour and read a book. Instead, let someone else do the heavy lifting for you.

If you’re interested in the possibility of changing your life for the better you can get a copy of the book for free by using this link to The Entitlement Cure by Dr. John Townsend on audiobooks.com



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